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Decorative Coatings


In 2007 Cabro Spa took over the historic leading color company Rüger & Günzel in Frankfurt, bringing new life and energy to a brand that now boasts 3000 high-quality shades of paints for flat and hollow glass, pharmaceuticals, tableware, ceramics, porcelain, bone china, tiles and bathroom fixtures, with firing temperatures ranging from 500° to more than 1000°C.

Such assets enhanced Cabro’s already extensive product range – for both glass and porcelain decoration with gold, silver and platinum – based on both paste and liquid paints and lusters for screen-printing and brush.


Cabro S.p.A.

Via Setteponti, 141

52100 Arezzo (AR)

Tel: 0575 984 442 - Fax 0575 382 763

Numero Verde 800 904271

Rüger & Günzel GmbH

Dornhofstrasse 71

D 63263 Neu-Isenburg

Tel: +49(0)6102-8129416

Fax: +49(0)6102-8129440